Historical Shows

Rooney and Punyi Historical Shows are performed throughout Alberta and Western Canada and are available all year round. In addition to Interview History (the popular touring historical figures) the following educational shows are a proven favourite with teachers and students! 



Original production Sponsored by The St. Albert Historical Society                   

Historical and moving one woman show written, directed and performed by Maureen Rooney

Humourous inspirational and moving stories from the real-life women who pounded the first nails, taught in the first schools, nursed the sick, entertained in parlours and shaped the prairies from their hard work and dreams. For Grade 4 + 

Both 30 min and 60 min shows available.  Performed in school libraries or classrooms.

 “A great success at the Heritage Fair,where 300 students, were completely captivated by her great stories and characters”





High School Religious Studies



 Confined to a cell at age 8, in a time when women were silenced, Hildegard  was called to be an author, playwright and composer whose music is still  heard on the radio today and whose writing still challenges theologians  world wide!



 St. Clare


While struggling with the restrictions placed on medieval women, St. Clare fought passionately with the Church hierarchy, gave generously to those in need, and helped to end a three hundred year war with one of the world’s first peace movements. She inspired St. Francis to live in peace and love, and her life story continues to inspire today.

Professional actor and playwright Maureen Rooney and her colleagues (Paul Punyi and Karen Gartner) will facilitate an experience of Clare’s story through a play reading. Using three professional actors, each with over 25 years experience in Stage TV Film and Radio, the play of St. Clare is read aloud at music stands.

After staff and/or students get to know her, they will be treated to a power point tour through Assisi, Italy while listening to the music of that time. (For staff PD retreats a taste of Lemonchello is offered to enhance the experience of the Tuscany lemons!)



Rooney and Punyi Historical Shows are always available

Contact us directly for booking and pricing.