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Beautiful stories of faith told in a clear and simple way to inspire young audiences.  Inspirational storytelling from selfless heroes who walked in Jesus’ foot-steps, leading prayer-filled lives while living the virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.

Faith:  Sharing stories of faith to pass on a legacy to future generations.

Hope:  Using the arts to inspire young audiences with hope.

Charity:  Sharing what we have with others;  10% of each performance fee goes directly to your choice of one of the following charities: >Share Lent/Development and Peace,  >St. Vincent de Paul, >World Vision, >Red Cross.


Fee: $800. /day (Up to 3 or 4, half-hour performances/day).

Grade Level: Grades 1-6 and Grades 7-9.

Venue: Library, music room or large classroom.

Audience groupings for the day:

1st performance: 3-4 classes of Grades 1-2 .

2nd performance: 3-4 classes of Grades 3-4.

3rd performance: 3-4 classes of Grades 5-6.

4th performance: as needed.

How to book:  Choose one of the saints from the program (one saint per day). Contact Rooney and Punyi to book a date.   Teachers and students sit and enjoy a beautiful and inspiring story.



St. Peter stained glass

The story of being loved despite our faults. St. Peter shares the story of how he met and followed Jesus, how Jesus gave him a new name meaning “rock” and, after denying Him, how Jesus loved and forgave him and continued to use His “rock” to spread the good news.

St. Paul stained glass

St. Paul shares the story of what it was like when he thought he was doing the right thing (by trying to stop the spread of Christianity), until God knocked him off his horse.  St. Paul’s inspiring story of conversion is about changing direction when asked by God to spread the Gospel to all people.

St. Francis stained glass St. Clare stained glass

The story of non-materialistic lives of peace and charity.    St. Francis & St. Clare of Assisi  Together these two tell their shared story of growing up in wealthy homes, but rejecting the glory of war and wealth, when hearing God’s call to   “rebuild the church”, which they did by imitating Jesus, by embracing his love of the poor and the needy.


St. Marguerite d'Youville stained glass

The story of empathy and compassion.   St. Marguerite d’Youville The founder of the Grey Nuns, shares her moving story of being married to a whiskey-trader who left her and her children penniless, but instead of giving-up she worked hard to save her family from poverty and then worked to help all races who came to her hospital in need.

St. Therese Lisieux stained glass

The story of faith expressed through small kindnesses.  Saint Thérèse of Lisieux  Known as the “Little Flower” she shares her wonderful “Little Way” encouraging the students to embrace their uniqueness and to please Jesus by practising small kindnesses.

St. John Bosco stained glass

The story of inclusive faith where all are welcome.  St. John Bosco tells the story of receiving a vision as a young boy, and then as a grown man working to fulfill the calling to rescue the children living in poverty on the streets, in the prisons and the factories by building Bosco Homes.



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St. Marguerite d'Youville Rooney and Punyi Saints Come Marching In

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Rooney and Punyi Educational Theatre Productions

(Using the performing arts to educate and entertain)




“Thank you for bringing our beloved, Sainte-Thérèse de Lisieux to life!!  Such a powerful message of family, faith and fidelity.  It was a genuine, well researched representation of the life of Sainte-Thérèse presented in an engaging, age appropriate way.  You are a gifted storyteller!  ‘Saints Come Marching In’ is a great program that I highly recommend for all ages!  Merci…Salamat” Marie Gamache-Hauptman, Principal   École Marie Poburan


“The privilege of watching Maureen and Paul (Rooney and Punyi) so professionally and historically accurately portray Saints Clare and Francis was a true blessing! The staff and Students of St. Michael’s were transported back to the medieval Church in Italy and were exposed to vivid details of the lives of these Saints and how their relationship intertwined to change the face of Catholicism.  Their message was truly inspirational and every student from grades one to six could relate to aspects of the presentation that certainly touched them in a personal and spiritual way. I strongly urge Catholic schools to experience this profound dramatization. It is so very rare that we are given this opportunity. As a principal of a Catholic and fine arts focus school, I highly, highly recommend “Saints Come Marching In!”   Ron Blackmer, Principal, St. Michael’s School, Medicine Hat



“I really enjoyed the presentation.  Paul is great at making you feel that it’s really St. Peter in front of you!   I highly recommend this presentation.  Thanks for a great time!”  Kathy Sosnowski B.ED, M.ED Principal, St. Richard


“Our Grade 1-6 classes at École Bishop Savaryn had the pleasure of meeting “St. Thérèse of Lisieux” , as part of the Saints Come Marching In series presented by Rooney & Punyi Productions. The true to life portrayal of this holy woman, St. Thérèse, held all of our students spellbound as she convincingly told the beautiful story of her life as a child and her faith in God , relating it to their lives today. The students were captivated by the power of story and shared prayer, calling them to place their trust and hope in God just as St. Thérèse had. All students and staff left the performance convinced they had spent time with a saint, a friend of Jesus!” Joanne Friedt, Principal

“We absolutely loved the presentation. She spoke to the students’ level and was very engaging. I enjoyed how she used flowers to symbolize the people in her life.  Great presentation!!” …Grade 2 teacher

 “I explained to my class afterwards a little bit about how the two people doing this kind of drama have to do deep research and digging about in history and finding out how to represent the clothing of these historical figures, etc. and a student replied with a statement similar to this one:  “So basically they just unlocked history for us”. Very enjoyable, down to students’ level, not too long, and so polished a performance. Having them come back to do other saints is a capital idea!”…Grade 5 teacher