Environment Show & Residency

Power Up!  

The Alternative Energy Show 


Hilarious audience participation environment show for grades K-6.   Dr. Rooney and Dr. Punyi have a sick patient, the Earth, but luckily with the help of the audience we can all make her well again!  The environment takes centre stage in this hilarious play (originally commissioned by ENMAX) created and performed by Rooney and Punyi at the Northern Alberta International Children’s Festival and throughout Alberta.  This fast paced show introduces students to some ways of creating alternative energy sources using wind, water and solar power.



As an extension of the popular Literacy on Stage performing arts residency, we offer an exciting opportunity for students to create and perform their own environment shows.

Students from grade 4 and up work in groups to create, costume, and perform short scenes dealing with the many ways we can all help to make a difference.  These scenes are then strung together into a show that is presented to the k-2 students and parents.