Christmas Musical


The story of a man’s life as seen through the eyes of a
Christmas ornament who loves him

Jer and Orn

Written and Directed by Maureen Rooney

Music and Lyrics by Lori Mohacsy and Darcy Phillips

Additional Lyrics and Musical dramaturgy by  Maureen Rooney

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A precious family heirloom comes to life to bring us back in time to the moment she was purchased from a store window as an engagement gift for a young man’s fiancee-to-be. When the proposal answer is yes, the ornament becomes cherished and never misses a Christmas.  She jumps in time from one Christmas to the next, sharing the lives of a loving couple through their many ups and downs and joys.

This one act musical packs a lot of emotion, tears and laughter and is perfect for an audience of grandparents and their families.  This wonderful play is a heart-warming celebration of timeless love. It has been produced from coast to coast, with theatres hearing about it just by word-of-mouth!

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Full marks to Rooney for making this (show) a modest personal experience. Her sense of balance is admirable even allowing her to include death as part of human experience precisely because her subject is people, not holiday marketing.  There is no calculation about the element a Christmas show requires in order to be certifiably heart-warming. She has written a glowing love letter for Punyi (Rooney’s husband) who vividly characterises Jerome.  This is a funny, warm little show that covers a lot of emotional ground!  John Charles, Edmonton Sun

Memories of a Christmas Ornament by Maureen Rooney is a classic with all the right ingredients to rouse that Christmas spirit in even the most miserly audience member! A story and a feeling families should hold onto and bring out each year. Jolene Alberg, Chemainus Chronicle

Memories of a Christmas Ornament glitters and sparkles in perfect light, real life dialogue with pepperings of clever humour that make the musical like watching real life. Tara Moore,  Rosebud Times

Entertaining seasonal offering.  A sentimental nostalgic overview of a couple from their engagement to their grave with a much beloved Christmas Ornament. The sold-out Matinee that I attended really obviously enjoyed the show. A simple tale told simply. Paul Punyi was a strong and very sincere Jerome. His performance added weight to the role.  Maureen Rooney as Christmas Ornament was bouncy, amusing and has stage presence and audience rapport.  Strong singing voices!  Who wants dramatic angst at Christmas time?  Go for warm and fuzzy Memories of a Christmas Ornament and just enjoy the show! Which I think most people will! Sharon Pollock: CBC Calgary Pollock on Plays

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